JULY – USA – United States of America, American Month™

The Month of July is when we CELEBRATE ALL THAT IS AMERICA!

A time to remember why WE live, work and play in AMERICA.

The United States Of America is home to over 44 Million American citizens where a majority are from one of the many Countries around the world, including; Europe, Italy, Israel, Africa, Haiti, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and more!

We as Americans find ways to resolve issues PEACEFULLY, collectively as citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.



JULY is United States Of America, American Month
*We celebrate every State, City, County, Village, Parish, Borough, District, Municipality, Hamlet and Island throughout the United States Of America.

* We celebrate INDEPENDENCE, declared July 4, 1776

.* We celebrate HOMETOWNS, USA during the whole month of July. 
*We remember, learn and teach more about American History

*We celebrate being AMERICAN CITIZENS of the GREATEST COUNTRY in the WORLD.

*We Celebrate the country that offers more opportunities and social mobility than any other place in the world!

*We celebrate access to the best Health care and Education.

*We celebrate the US Constitution that includes  the fundamental American Values of FREEDOM of Speech,  Religion and worker rights

*We the people enjoy the freedom to voice when we agree or disagree.

*We celebrate the FREEDOM to VOTE while enjoying peaceful transitions of government at every level

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